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    MoMA 😍🎨 (at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA))

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    "I teach fourth grade in Harlem."
    "What’s your greatest struggle as a teacher?"
    "I worry a lot about the kids."
    "Why’s that?"
    "Not all the kids. Just the ones that aren’t on the ‘college track.’ Many of them just don’t have a culture of expectation at home, and it’s hard work to lift yourself out of an underprivileged situation. I actually just finished going to a trombone recital for a former student of mine. I used to coach him in hockey on weekends. He’d practice with me from 4 AM to 6 AM. Then he’d go practice trombone from 8 to 10. He did all this just so he could get into a good high school. That’s what it takes, really. Hard to do without a culture of expectation."

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    "What’s your greatest fear?"
    "Dying before I’ve gotten out of The Matrix."

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    A map of the human body - by One Legged Kiwi